Municipal bus lines

You can travel directly from Struga to Skopje, without stopping in Kicevo, Gostivar, or Tetovo in the following departures:


05:05 | 07:50 | 12:50 | 15:50 | 18:50


08:30 | 12:50 | 16:10 | 19:00 | 22:30
07:00 | 11:30

On Sunday and public holidays there are deviations from the schedule:
The departure at 07:00 from Skopje is valid for the period from 01.07 until 31.08.
The departure at 12:50 from Skopje is valid Monday through Saturday.
The departure at 11:30 from Skopje is valid only on Sunday.

The duration of the journey from Struga to Skopje is approximately 3 hours with only one 15 minutes break at "Straza".
Some of the departures do not have this break.

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